Tony Cook

Tony is a young British actor, born and raised in South London. Tony began his leap from student performances to professional roles during his studies, by taken the role of John Proctor in 'The Crucible', a large challenge for a young actor. Tony's portrayal of the character led him to high praise. From this, he then began to leave the stage to enter into film. Tony is a recognizable actor within the British Independent Film industry, completing many feature films and shorts, working with some of the most talented cast and crews ranging from areas such as Britain, Hong Kong, America, Ireland and many more. He was first noticed by the talented director, Steven Nesbit, who took Tony under his wing and aided his growth as an actor which allowed him to work alongside talent such as the DoP Geoff Boyle . Tony has completed photo shoots for publicity, where he will be advertised as "one of Britain's best undiscovered actors". Tony has completed work for MTV BASE, acting in multiple comed